July 2013

LF Foundations Ridiculous Launch Deal

July 26, 2013

Last week I informed you all of the details of our new LF Foundations class, the gateway to liberation (did I just write that?). I also informed you that we have a ridiculous special of $125 for 30 days of UNLIMITED LF Foundations classes. Just wanted to remind you all here. Tell anyone you think […]

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Level Up 13.4 and the Primal Sprint Kick-Off Picnic

July 24, 2013

First up, I don’t know if y’all remember (or if I actually wrote about it), after announcing the last Level Up I mentioned that we would be scheduling these a lot more regularly. Every 6 weeks to be exact. And after checking the calendar last week I saw that we were almost 6 weeks out […]

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Liberated from the Heat

July 18, 2013

We’ve seen your dripping sweat, observed your over-heated bodies on the floor (and sidewalk) post-wod, and heard your humble requests. Liberated needs to get cooler. This heat just hasn’t broke and my two hard-charging fans, as much as they’ve tried, have proven to be no match for the Great NYC Summer of 2013. So, I’m […]

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LF Spotlight and Milestones

July 17, 2013

LF Spotlight Let’s pretend for a moment that we have a category called “LF Spotlight” and use it to highlight someone kicking tail at LF, shall we? I’d like to use this pretend category to honor recent Start Up graduate and Level 1 rookie, Chris K. This young man displays what showing up and putting […]

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LF Foundations (Part 2) and its Ridiculous Launch Deal

July 16, 2013

Following up from last week’s write up on our forthcoming LF Foundations program, I continue here with the pricing details and the skill requirements for moving beyond LF Foundations and into the higher Level Classes. LF Foundations Membership As mentioned last week, the LF Foundations program will not be a Package Membership as the Start […]

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