October 2014

Liberated B-Ball This Sunday, Slight Schedule Change Next Tuesday, and Other Stuff

October 30, 2014

Happy Wonderful Autumn Day, Liberators. I just finished a variation of yesterday’s workout with our Most Powerful Exerciser, Lorin. As a team: 60 Deadlifts with 185lbs 40 Push Ups with 45lbs 400m Run 12min AMRAP We got to 27 Push Ups on the 2nd round. Not bad. It’s safe to say I probably slowed Lorin […]

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Sunday Sports Series – Liberated… Soccer!

October 2, 2014

Hey Liberati, I’m a bit buzzed off the second espresso I’m having as the honorable first customer of this brand new, little Argentinian cafe on 115th and FDB. If you know me deeply you may know that I care deeply for all things Argentina. This Amaretto Espresso Bar must be some sort of sign from […]

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