Additional 2015 Challenge Workout Tonight!

Happy New Year, Liberators!


At this very Liberated time of year I realized it would be inhumane to not make an effort to offer sufficient opportunities for you all to complete this morning’s 2015 transformative workout. 

So, here’s a last-minute opportunity.


We had a great crew this morning to kick it off. 

Here’s what it entailed.


If you are around for a sweaty celebration this evening we are adding two additional sessions to take place this evening, at 6pm and 6:30pm
The workout is open to both Level 1 and Level 2+ Liberators. Workouts will go 30 minutes start to finish. You will do a < 10min warmup to get familiar with the movements and then jump right into the fun.

You must email me to reserve a time slot. We want to keep the sessions balanced. 

I hope you will join us prior to your New Year’s plans!


Peace, Prosperity, and Power in 2015!

Coach Mike


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