Happy Thanksgiving! Our Thanksgiving Schedule and So Much More.

Happy Thanksgiving, Liberati.

This was supposed to be a simple Thanksgiving class schedule email that was begun last week but, alas, there was so much to write about considering these eventful past few weeks we’ve had and the upcoming ones on the horizon.

Short story on Thanksgiving classes – No classes tomorrow or early AM Friday. Classes resume at 10am Friday.

Check it all out below.


Rep It For Refugees Recap


The day featured some Coach Wreck worthy
workouts. I think she’d agree.

This past Sunday’s event was absolutely awesome. I wish so many more of you could have experienced the benefits of taking part in this, it was an extra special event for the participants that did take part.

Mr. Most Liberated, David Mills, is quite the leader for a cause and, in this case, rallied a ton of donations for his organization’s (CWS Global) effort to aid the resettlement of Syrian refugees and did a stellar job of directing the flow of the afternoon.

Your coaches, just about all of them, came through as judges and supporters for all of the competitors and really set the stage for the camaraderie and the inspirational atmosphere in the room. Thanks to Coaches Bjarki, Alex, Shanon, Mandie, and Emil for making it a very special day.

Congratulations to ALL of the competitors, in each division. Every one of you went ALL IN on the two respective events. It energized us all.

Cadence was excited to put her months and months
of diligent training to the test.

The always-supportive Coach Alex gives this
Event 1 heat some encouragement. Anthony,
there on the right competed his heart out for the

The people’s judge, Emil, with the people’s champ,
Olivia – putting that impeccable form on display.

Mary Mills fought her heart out, as usual for this
passionate Liberator. There’s Aurelien on her right,
our studly Men’s Open champ.

This is how they ALL felt after Event 1.

In the Open Division, the ladies race was INTENSE. Our dear Olivia took the 1st place spot for the women, just 4 seconds ahead of our ultra-tough Cadence after combining the two event times. Our new every-single-day-in-class guy, Aurelien, showed what showing up does to prep a body for competition (Olivia and Cadence know this very well, too), winning the Open Division for the men. Shout out to Celia, Mary, and Anthony for awesome, heart-felt efforts as well.

In the Advanced Division we had Katie Reggio putting her work of the past few months on display, taking the win for the ladies. For the guys, Matt Hopkins took the win from a very viable non-member contender who was keeping at his heels over both events. Similar to Katie, Matt’s performance can be seen as a culmination of big gains he’s made in the past few months (the whole past year has seen tremendous gains, actually). Shout out to Katie’s brother Will and his buddies Frank, Billy, and Danny for coming out, supporting the cause, and taking it to us. Extra special shout out to our Tiffany for taking on the Advanced B Division and showing what her past few months of work in Level 2 has enabled her to do – heavy Squats and Deadlifts, tons of Pull Ups and Toes to Bars… Go Tiff!

Look at all those supportive, LF-geared, coaches
trying to just be cold, objective judges but caring
too much not to coach their athletes along at
the same time. And Matty H there, taking charge
of the competition.

The Chan with The Plan. Our Mike Chan is back
from injury and hopping right back into class and

The L2 woman of the hour. What’s next for the
champ, Katie R?

Level 2 was new not too long ago. This event proved
to Tiff and everyone else that she’s got the skills and
abilities to attack these upper-level events.


After this amazing event there is little doubt you will be seeing another community competition coming around soon.

Come to it.

Trust us, you’ll love it


Primal Sprint Summary


Coach Mike’s secret weapon – super nutrient-dense
salads from Milano’s up on Broadway.

Our holiday Primal Sprint was outstanding. The best one yet, in my opinion. And we’ve been doing these for 4 years now!

If you notice 10 or 15 of us around the gym looking leaner and sporting that highly coveted “paleo glow”, it’s probably some of the super honest, enthusiastic, and supportive participants of our 14 Day Primal Sprint.

We’ve shared enough sentiments with each other wrapping it up this past Sunday but I’ll just say once again, thank you all for inspiring me and each other with your commitment to changing some habits and sharing your experiences.

I think we all grew a ton over those two weeks and this has reignited my commitment to offering these regularly.

Join us next time!


Test Month Tally’s


Our future CF Games Master’s competitor, Lady Laura,
pulled 2x bodyweight this test month.

Test Month results are being tallied up as I write this.

Thank you all for taking part in this new testing set up and new tests. It turned out to be a ton of fun. Short and sweet. I received much positive feedback.

Here’s to the training ahead.

Test Month Results will be posted in the gym shortly!


Thanksgiving Hours


Happy Thanksgiving!

Everyday this week felt a little holiday-ish to me.

As far as our schedule the next few days, it is the same as usual with the exception of the following:

No classes on Thursday
No 6am, 6:30am, or 7:30am Friday

Wednesday classes will take place uninterrupted as will Friday and Saturday classes, beginning with Coach Levi’s 10am and 10:30am classes on Friday.

I recommend you all come out to Coach Levi’s Friday stuffing-burner!


Yoga and Open Gym


Yoga Burpees?

Yoga with The Great Yvonne will be resuming this Sunday, the 29th. Bring your yoga mat and a cash donation of $5 or more to participate.

Open Gym will also be back in action this Sunday with the great Papa Jerry and Sir Emil.


Liberated Libations

The tables are calling us.

Libations is BACK.

The popular monthly get-together has solidified it’s hangout spot over at Bob’s Your Uncle, down on Columbus at 105th St.

It’s rumored Coach Bjarki may have even struck up a deal on Liberated drinks.

Join us for a casual drink or two next Friday, December 4th, from 7pm onward at Bob’s.


Liberator’s Doing Things

Kat’s Choir Concert

Our very own Level 2 Level-Up sensation, Kat Morris, will be letting her vocal skills shine this holiday season with a concert at St. Ignatius of Antioch on Saturday, December 5th at 7:00 pm.

Kat and the choir will be performing Bach’s Mass in B Minor, which should appeal to fans of Baroque/choral/orchestral music.

Get the details and find tickets here. The friends and family (you guys) discount code is “anniversary35”.

Emil’s Play

Speaking of Sir Emil, our man is playing the role of Shakespeare in an upcoming production of the play Bingo at Barnard College. You didn’t expect him to be a thespian in addition to a destroyer of workouts, did you?
The play takes place Thursday the 10th of December through to Saturday the 13th. Tickets and further info available here.
Come to the Thursday or Saturday evening shows to join Coach Alex and Mandie and I.


Eat, Drink, Be Merry, and Give Thanks.

Coach Mike

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