Level Up 13.4 and the Primal Sprint Kick-Off Picnic

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First up, I don’t know if y’all remember (or if I actually wrote about it), after announcing the last Level Up I mentioned that we would be scheduling these a lot more regularly. Every 6 weeks to be exact. And after checking the calendar last week I saw that we were almost 6 weeks out from Level Up 13.3 and on to 13.4.

The motivation behind the frequency of testing is to give you all frequent opportunities to move up into the next level classes as well as to enable us to program more goal-directed 6 week cycles of training in-between each Level Up. We can see how you guys are faring in the Level Up, whether or not anyone has come even close to a 15 second Free Handstand, for example, and then decide how best to program our training for the next 6 weeks in an effort to shore up the general deficiencies apparent. Pull Ups and Clean and Jerks, for instance, see an increase with just about everyone at just about every Level Up because we train them all the time. Snatches and Muscle Ups, however, do not see increased numbers as frequently at the Level Ups because not only are they kinda hard to master but because we do not train them all the time.

Anyways, enough with the thinking behind it all. Just know we want you to and will be coaching you to perform better at every Level Up and we will be giving you more Level Ups in which to perform better.

Level Up 13.4 will commence on Saturday, August 3rd at 10am and 11am. Yes, Level Up participation has been bulging the walls of the Little Gym lately so I’m breaking it up into two heats this time. Participation in either time slot is open to all Levels and is available on a first-to-sign-up basis. 9 LFers are allowed in each time slot. Sign up now for your preferred time here.

As always, every LFer, from Foundations/Start Up to Level 3, is welcome to join in and test themselves. You will be inspired. Perhaps by a Level 3er, perhaps by a Foundation(er?). People always step up and you never know who it will be, beginner or veteran LFer.

The Tests

The following is the familiar flow of events for the day:

Clean and Jerk (SU – L1)

Squat Snatch (L2)
Squat Clean and Jerk (L3)

Pull Ups (SU – L1)
Muscle Ups (L2 – L3)

Wall Handstand (SU – L1)
Free/Walking Handstand (L2 – L3)

Kipping Pull Ups (L3)

Push Ups (SU – L1)
Handstand Push Ups (L2)
Full ROM Handstand Push Ups (L3)

Pistol Squats (L2 – L3)

* Start Ups and Level 1’s are welcome to give any of the higher level movements a shot or use that time to drill them / learn them with the coaches.

Goals / Level Standards

Yea, we’ve got goals for ya. You should review these LF Level Standards and keep them in mind on test day. Beyond standards though, this is also a day to find out what your personal best is, and that’s the beauty of the supportive group atmosphere. Many of you will find you go beyond the standards.

LF Foundations

No skills necessary, learning components of Clean and Jerk, Band or Jumping Pull Up, bootcamp basic abilities (Knee-Up Push Up, Squats, etc).

Level 1

DB Squat Clean and Jerk x 6 reps – 25lb(men) / 15lb(women)
Purple Band Pull Ups 6(men) / 3(women)
Push Ups 9(men)/ 3(women)

Level 2

Clean and Jerk 95lb(men) / 65lb(women)
Pull Ups 3(men) / 1(women)
Push Ups 12(men) / 3(women)
15sec Wall Handstand

Level 3

Squat Snatch 95lb(men) / 65lb(women)
Muscle Up 3(men) / 1(women)
Handstand Push Up 3(men) / 1(women)
Pistol 3 each leg
15 sec Handstand Walk
Squat BWx1.5(men) / BWx1.25(women)
Press .75BW(men) /.5BW(women)
Deadlift BWx1.5(men) / BWx1.25(women)

Primal Sprint

Paleo Cereal, the kind that gives you sustainable energy and makes you lean. Coconut milk, nuts, and berries.

It’s been a little while since our last primal eating challenge so I thought it’d be a good idea to tie it in with this upcoming Level Up.

For those new to the Primal Sprint, it has over time morphed from a 30-day strict paleo competition into a 14-day primal eating support group of sorts. Call me uncompetitive, but I realized I don’t care to compete at eating. I really don’t. We had a point system and I’d find myself all feeling guilty for losing points and stuff. I know for some of you guys it was no problem and it actually motivated you to be strict eaters (I think we had like seven of you tied for first last time) but to the aim of sustainable healthy eating I feel that the supportive group aspect of the Sprint is more conducive than the competition aspect.

That said, the Primal Sprints, like the Level Ups, will be coming at more regular intervals going forward. Here’s how this one will go:

For 14 days, beginning Sunday, August 4th, 2013 and ending, Sunday August 18th, 2013, we will follow the below LF Primal Food Template, record every meal we eat, and email it to the entire group of participants at the end of each day. The idea, and how it has worked in the past, is that your daily recordings allow you a time for awareness and reflection on what’s working and what may not be. The group forum allows for the sharing of ideas and suggestions from other participants. Many participants in the past have learned new, favorite recipes and more effective preparation strategies from LFers sharing their experiences during these Sprints. I know myself and Coach Mandie will welcome a little tune up by way of group accountability.

Here is the LF Primal Sprint Template we will follow for the 14-days (and the one I recommend trying to stick to for life):

Primal Food (unlimited)

Vegetables (organic or not)
Meat and Poultry/Game Meat/Organ Meat (organic, free range, grass-fed/grass-finished OR not)
Eggs (organic or not)
Nuts and Seeds (no peanuts – they’re not nuts)
Fats and Oils (no soybean, corn, peanut, or canola; butter is allowed for cooking)
Fruit (organic or not)
Herbs and Spices
Whey Protein Powder
Omega 3 Fish Oil
Vitamin D

In Moderation = 1 portion, 1 x per day of each. For example, 1 cup of coffee, full fat yogurt with breakfast or cheese on a salad, wild rice or sweet potato with dinner

Coffee (cream and minimal sweetener okay)
Dairy (cheese, full fat yogurt, cream, etc.; no reduced fat allowed)
Sweet Potatoes/Yams or Wild Rice or Dried Fruit or Fruit/Vegetable Juice (fresh squeezed only) or Honey

Occasional Indulgence = 1 portion, no more than 3 x per week

Dark Chocolate (70%+)
Red Wine

Look it over and start developing a strategy to best give this primal diet the test. For you that are new to the concept of Paleo/Primal I direct you first to my favorite guide, Mark Sisson, over at www.marksdailyapple.com. I may give out some more resources/guides in next weeks email.

Please send us an email if you would like to join in on the challenge.

Primal Sprint Kick-Off Picnic

Us, in Morningside Park.

Whether you are down for the Primal Sprint or not, you are invited to join us for our Primal Sprint Kick-Off Picnic, starting up directly after the Level Up around 12pm on Saturday, August 3rd, 2013.

We will be heading across the street to Morningside Park immediately after the tests to catch some sun, play some field games, and share a dish of whatever primal food item you’d like to bring.

Please send us an email with your RSVP and the food/drink item(s) you’re thinking to bring. I’ve got some field games ideas but if you want to throw in your own thoughts on games to play I welcome them.

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