LF Foundations (Part 2) and its Ridiculous Launch Deal

"Elbows high and in towards each other", says Coach Mandie in her gentlest, British tone.

Following up from last week’s write up on our forthcoming LF Foundations program, I continue here with the pricing details and the skill requirements for moving beyond LF Foundations and into the higher Level Classes.

LF Foundations Membership

As mentioned last week, the LF Foundations program will not be a Package Membership as the Start Up was (8 sessions for $150). The LF Foundations program will be a Monthly Membership program just as the regular Level Classes are. LF Foundations, however, will be $25 less per month than the Level 1 / Level 2 membership options. The classes are 30 minutes long and focus on relatively basic movements, but are hella effective. Thus, I think the price point is just right.

$75/mo – 1 x per week
$125/mo – 2 x per week
$175/mo – 3 x per week
$225/mo – Unlimited

Testing out of LF Foundations

So you wanna climb the LF fitness ladder? Move beyond Foundations? Build superior strength, master complex body weight skills, and compete at any variety of physical conditioning challenges?

Level up.

Once LF Foundations participants meet the following performance requirements, they will be considered fit to move up to Level 1 classes.

DB Squat Clean and Jerk x 6 reps – 25lb(men) / 15lb(women)
Purple Band Pull Ups 6(men) / 3(women)
Push Ups 9(men)/ 3(women)

You might notice these standards look a little bit like the old Level 2 standards. The bar has been raised. My vision of the LF Level progression now consists of an accessible, consistent training program in LF Foundations that builds a STRONG base. Those abilities are then sharpened over a short stint in Level 1 before testing out into Level 2 and the limit of the sky beyond.

Ridiculous Launch Deal

Tell your friends. Tell your family, tell all the people ’round the way… we are opening up this new program with a wicked deal of $125 for 30 days of UNLIMITED training in the LF Foundations classes!

No kidding. That’s a whole lot of gettin’ in shape for the money. You can spend 6 days a week at LF. That’s pretty much $125 to completely change your body if you ask me.

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