LF Spotlight and Milestones

LF Spotlight

Let’s pretend for a moment that we have a category called “LF Spotlight” and use it to highlight someone kicking tail at LF, shall we? I’d like to use this pretend category to honor recent Start Up graduate and Level 1 rookie, Chris K.

Chris, banging out some dramatic, black & white chest-to-bars.

This young man displays what showing up and putting in effort is all about. Chris walked into Start Up on May 30th, 2013 with hardly a thick-blue-band pull up to his name. Six weeks onward and this dude has dropped around 20lbs and was recently seen hammering double digit chest-to-bar thick-blue-band pull ups.

Rarely have I seen someone with clear, observable changes showing week after week but when I do it is usually the same person that SHOWS UP consistently and puts in concerted effort. Chris’s quiet tenacity showed up to class just two days per week over this six week period. I found myself surprised at how noticeable his consistency seemed to me and I found myself thoroughly impressed with the power apparent in this simple dedication.

Keep up the strong work, Chris.



Speaking of Liberators being special, I finally got around to tallying up the PRs of late in preparation for a big leader board update.

Try and read this...

You should see a fully up-to-date leader board on the wall this week. Until then I’ll hold you over with a few milestones observed at the Little Gym recently:

Julie Y and John E both cranked out their first Ring Dip. The magic was in the hot summer air one morning last week.

Liya, unsatisfied with accompishing her long sought after goal of a 65lb Clean, walked into Coach Wreck’s class to receive the push she needed to go beyond. Lo and behold, Miss Liya is now Cleaning 75lbs. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Coach Wreck’s new Meathead Friday class is still churning out PRs in the heavy lifts, namely the Deadlift. Jerry and Keith K picked up their established PRs twice, getting 2 reps at 305lb and 315lb, respectively. Meanwhile, fellow meathead, Pedro, bested his old PR of 245lb with a single lift of 250lb.

Just yesterday I bore witness to Neal F sticking his first Wall Handstand. The Handstand was a very new movement for Neal and so it took a few weeks to gain the comfort and confidence to support himself on his hands. Let that provide hope to all of you struggling with this. It just takes a bit of time. Stay with it.

Word on the white board is that Julia can now Clean 105lb and that this puts her in a tie for second place on the leader board. The white board was also overheard saying something about Keith K Cleaning 165lb, good enough for a third place tie on the leader board. To top off all this PR Cleaning, Brian and Jerry are also killing it, both now Cleaning 135lb.

I apologize ahead to anybody who did cool stuff that I have overlooked.

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