Liberated B-Ball This Sunday, Slight Schedule Change Next Tuesday, and Other Stuff

Happy Wonderful Autumn Day, Liberators.

I just finished a variation of yesterday’s workout with our Most Powerful Exerciser, Lorin.

As a team:

60 Deadlifts with 185lbs
40 Push Ups with 45lbs
400m Run
12min AMRAP

We got to 27 Push Ups on the 2nd round. Not bad. It’s safe to say I probably slowed Lorin down a bit.

Anyways, this isn’t a log for my workouts. I think I brought it up to illustrate the scenario of us not having many participants as of late in the 10am / 10:30am Tuesday / Thursday classes and as such you might forgive me for a slight change to the schedule next week.

No permanent changes, we have too much fun building heavy strength circuits for Ed and seeing who the next contender will be in the weekly Colin Challenge (By the way, Happy Birthday to him today).

Scroll down for all the news.


Liberated B-Ball

Remember Keith? Draining 3’s all day. And Julie? Awww, Julie!

It’s slated to be a little nippy come Sunday but what better way to warm up than with a game of basketball with your LF pals?

If you’ve been out to any of our past Liberated B-Ball Sunday Sports Series events, you know how fun it’s likely to be.

Come out and apply some of that fitness you’ve gathered. No worries how skilled you are. The best part for me is how surprised we get seeing how capable we are sans ever practicing. Watch the power of the fitness come through you.

Meet at the gym at 3pm this Sunday, November 2nd.

Papa Jerry and Wildman Matt will lead the crew from there over to the Riverside courts.

Be there.


Next Week Class Change

As alluded to above, next week we will not be holding the 10am Level 1 nor the 10:30am Level 2/3 classes on Tuesday, November 4th.

For no good reason other than Coach Mike and Coach Mandie feeling like they can just take off on some birthday trip (He’ll be older yet again on November 5th).

Thank you for understanding and, as usual, if this impacts your schedule greatly somehow let me know and I will help.


November Test Month

Who’s gonna out-jump Kambi?

Are you ready for some action?

Hard to believe, Test Month is here again.

If you didn’t hear, Test Month took the place of the old Level Ups back in the spring. The idea being to run tests throughout the month, 3 times per year – July, November, and March, so as to collect as much data as possible in as many essential movements as possible and to crown a Most Liberated Man and Woman at the end.

March Madness was an awesome test run but July was our first, legitimate month of testing and it was a blast. PR City, you might say.

I was happy to put it behind us and just grind through classes for a few months but, wow, these months flew by and another month of maxes is upon us.

What to expect? Just bring your game face. We’ll be picking out movements to test in a somewhat structured fashion and plotting the scores on a big chart. You Liberators who tested throughout July will be able to compare many scores.

I like movement. I don’t care so much for measuring. But,  “what isn’t measured can’t be managed”, or something like that. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the adaptations of our training express themselves over one glorious month.



A Liberated Party

Look what that Central Park salad did to our eyes!

Boy, some of you missed a most excellent party last Saturday.

After an afternoon spent gathering an array of greens, wild nuts, and fruits in Central Park, we brought our bounties up to Jerry and Carolyn’s rooftop terrace, matched it up with some wonderful local meats and primal-friendly alcohol and had a fantastic evening with about 15 Liberators. 

What a little community we have. Great conversation. No pretension. Fantastic time.

Time to book a next party.




See you all in the gym,

Coach Mike


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