All new members begin with our Open Level program or Personal Training, or both.

We currently offer an introductory special of:

30 days of unlimited training in our Open Level for $125


Check out our full membership offerings below:

Open Level (Base Level / All Levels)

Master movements, build capacity, test out for Advanced Level classes
Month to month, non-committal

Intro Special – 30 days of Unlimited sessions – $125

Unlimited sessions – $175/mo

Personal Training (All Levels)

Comprehensive assessment, individual programming

30min sessions – $45/session

Advanced Level (High Skill Level)
Progressive training. Month to month, non-committal

Unlimited sessions – $200/mo

Drop-In Membership (All Levels)

Use at will, all packages expire 6 months from date purchased unless otherwise noted

1 session – $25

10 sessions – $200

* Advanced Level Level Up Criteria

Here are the strength and skill levels to be reached and tested via our Open Level before moving into Advanced Level classes:

– DB Deadlift, Clean, Squat, & Press x 1, 50lb (men) / 35lb (women)
– Pull Up, 12 (men) / 3 (women)
– Push Up, 25 (w/ 25lb plate, men) / 20 (women)
– Wall Handstand, 1:30sec
– Pistol Squat, 10/10


Terms and Conditions

No returns and no refunds. Monthly memberships are set up as recurring billing and can be cancelled at anytime by simply contacting us.

We reserve the right to deny entry / terminate memberships where it is justified.