Open Gym and March Madness

What’s Up, Liberators.

A second post this week?! You knew this was going to happen once I quit my day job. At least there’re no selfies in this one.

I’ve got a couple of things to let you in on that can’t wait til Monday (Okay, at least one can’t).

We’re bringing back the old, fleeting Open Gym Hours with an initial offering beginning this weekend and we’re going test-crazy all this month.

Scroll down for the news.

Also, before you do that:

I wanted to address a common question we’ve had regarding tomorrow’s Level Up.

The Level Up (Though it is called a “Level Up”) is not only for those who expect they have a chance at graduating to a next level.

It is for everyone to participate in to see what they, as an individual, are capable of. To apply your training to a test of our essential movements.

Come one, come all!


Open Gym

Train yo'self.
Train yo’ self.

We gave this a go sometime ago (a year now?). It was inconsistent, as were quite a few things around that time. The concept was solid though, so when Jerry offered to help me get it going again I was psyched at the opportunity to breathe some fresh air into it.

What it is:

We will commence the Open Gym service with one single time offering beginning this Sunday, March 9th, from 3pm to 4:30pm and continuing each Sunday thereafter.

Open Gym will be strictly available to Level 2 members who are on at least a $150 per month membership. Others may be granted use by invitation only. There will be no additional fee to use the gym at Open Gym Hours.

Open Gym time can be used to work on movements you would like to spend time with, your weaknesses (I’d be lifting heavy, always a weakness) would be my suggestion.

An Open Gym attendant will be present to ensure safe execution in the shared space.

Email me if you are interested in participating!


The Other March Madness

Picture 1

Bring your game face this month. In addition to tomorrow’s Level Up, we’re fishing for personal bests all month long. I’ve got a big collection of whiteboards (Shanon knows my obsession) and want to use ’em.

I’ve also got a clean, open LF Leaderboard that I don’t want to update with the same old scores.

So let’s see where we’re at.

All this month we’re going to be adding LF Leaderboard categories to the whiteboard, testing best performances.

We’ll be leaving it pretty open as to which categories we test in a particular class. I’ve been gearing it towards the strengths of the people in the room.

We’ve already seen some hot races. The Ring Dip category has drawn out a ton of personal bests on both the men’s and women’s side.

If you’re a Foundationer or new Level 1 this will not apply so much to you as training is much more important than testing at this point, but our veteran LFers will certainly be putting up some great efforts and we’ll be seeing how these months and months of training have measured up.

It’s fun to see the progress come to fruition and I’m excited to see all of your best performances come out.


See you all in the gym,

Coach Mike

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