Outdoor Shoes / Indoor Shoes – Managing the Slush!

Happy Monday, Liberators.

Hope this new year’s getting off to a good start. Mine’s been a little bumpy, catching 2 colds in 2.5 weeks (could that be some sort of record?) and adjusting my days to the Mandielessness (Coach Mandie is off on a US tour for Something Rotten, if you haven’t heard! Get ya tickets for a city not near you, via the link!).

But I’m optimistic, too!

About many things, including getting the gym slush-free.


Outdoor Shoes / Indoor Shoes

Outdoor Shoes.

Each year I send out a plea to you all to please carry a change of shoes with you to class.

Most of our Liberators from years past understand the importance of this and still comply.

Thank you!

You see, unreal amounts of frozen liquid gets tracks in with the shoes you wear outside and slowly melts while you workout, creating dirty puddles around the gym that nobody wants to lay down in.

Bringing a clean pair of shoes to change into is a simple solution to this issue.

We won’t lock you out if you are unable to bring a second pair of shoes but it really does go a long way toward creating a more comfortable experience for all.

Thank you in advance.


See you in the gym,

Coach Mike


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