Pro Football Future for Coach Wreck and A Very Enticing “February Fling”.

What exciting Sundays we’re having these days, Liberators.
My hometown hero Patriots are now kings of the world again (the whole WORLD, Mandie). I’ve been beaming all week.

Now we’re onto another exciting Sunday where I’ll get to see another, new, favorite sports team perform!

And speaking of football, not long after that I may just be catching my favorite female football player in action.

Let me explain.


Ready to Wreck

Our very own Shanon, the beloved Coach Wreck, the mama bear of the LF cave, is on her way to play for a women’s PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL team here in NYC!

She tried out on a whim a few weeks back and was promptly scooped up.


I mean, how do you NOT pick Shanon to be on your football team? Can you even imagine a stronger, faster, more kick-ass woman?

The thing about the Women’s Professional Football League though, they don’t have a whole lot of surplus cash and a bunch of the equipment and travel costs get passed onto their players.

Shanon has set up a page to help raise some of the capital from any generous supporters. She’s already raised $990 but has a goal of $1800 to meet the start up costs to pursue her goal.

Shanon is an amazing athlete and an inspiring coach and human being. I for sure am dropping some $$$ in her fund to get this dream moving.

I hope some of you, too, may be interested in helping with a donation of any size.

Please head over to Coach Wreck’s page for more details and to make any donations. 

Your support is greatly appreciated!


February Fling

Have ya heard?

Have ya noticed all of the Front Squats, Overhead Squats, Pull Ups, Muscle Ups, and HSPUs Super Dave and Reppin’ Rivka have been doing lately?


You see, our November’s Most Liberated, Dave M. and Rivka recently teamed up to infiltrate a little 1 Man / 1 Woman CrossFit competition happening this Sunday in midtown.

Liberated Teams have a history of leaving a significant mark on fitness contests and, win or not, you can bet your bottom dollar these two are going to charge relentlessly through the events of the day.

Who in the world (or in NYC, anyway) is going to out-rep Rivka on HSPUs or Dave on Muscle Ups? I’m thinking it would take some CrossFit Games podium winners showing up (which, I suppose could happen. I’d STILL like our odds).

Guaranteed these two are going to do us proud this coming Sunday. What do you say we demonstrate our pride by coming through to support them?

The contest starts at 10am and runs until 5pm-ish. There will be events happening through-out that time window.

The event is taking place at CrossFit Solace, located on the south side of 32nd St. between Madison and Park Ave

I plan to arrive at the start, at about 10am but will likely miss the events taking place after 2pm. Let me know if you’d like to head over with me.

And if you’ve got an LF shirt, wear it!


See you all in the gym,

Coach Mike


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