Saturday Schedule Change, Competition Recap, and Boots and Gloves!

Be sure to read this one, Liberators.

We’ve got some immediate changes to our Saturday schedule happening. Good ones, I think.

Also, I can’t help but tell you about the Team LF attack on the events of this past Sunday, and I must reprimand your muddy soles as well.

Read on…


New Saturday Schedule

Can’t wait to get the classes outside again, and to watch Mandie beat all the boys.

It seems everyone and their Mama has been coming out for the 11:30am Level 1 Saturday class these days.

I guess I didn’t fully appreciate what late risers many of you are.

After a number of discussions recently with L1ers about their Saturday morning habits and many-a-class struggling to find a place to simply stand and teach, I’ve determined that the need to add a third Level 1 class to our Saturday morning menu is firmly upon us.

Thus, THIS Saturday we will be unrolling a new schedule.

There’s no time to wait.

Look it:

8:30am L1
9:00am L2
10:30am L1
11:00am L2
12:30pm L1

Hopefully this works to spread out you 11:30am Level 1ers – half of you go to the 10:30am and half of you go to the 12:30pm, okay?

It also spreads out the L2 classes a bit more and gives you L2ers a slightly later morning option. Good for our college set, and Lorin.

There you go.

Stay out super late this Friday, free of concern you’ll be too hungover to make your coveted LF Saturday training.


Competition Recap

Repetitious Rivka doing what she does best: REPS.

Boy, LF had an amazing competition day this past Sunday.

Sorry to any of you who couldn’t make it. You missed quite a show from The Little Gym That Could.

Our Team LF representatives did not disappoint (I told you) AT ALL. They had our loyal group of 10-15 LF supporters captivated and screaming our heads off all afternoon.

Yea, we didn’t win the competition, but they were up against some CrossFit regionals-level talent – particularly large, strong talent in a day of events that favored the larger, stronger athlete.

Super Dave and Reppin’ Rivka ended the day with a placement in the middle of the pack but absolutely matched and exceeded expectations in performance over the course of the day, both PRing in the Clean and Jerk at 215lbs (Dave) and 150lbs (Rivka) before attacking the final events with a flair of virtuosity.

If you missed the social media updates head over to the LF Facebook page and catch up on some of the highlights of the day.

What’s next for Team LF?


Indoor Shoes and Gloves

Outdoor shoes.

I’m at least 2 months late getting this message out, but better late than never.

It’s a long, messy winter we’ve got here and I’m having quite a time trying to keep The Little Gym even somewhat clean with all the mud and snow being tracked in each day.

Last year I sent out a plea to you all to please carry a change of shoes with you to class. Many of last years Liberators are still complying with this.

Here is another plea.

We won’t lock you out if you are unable to bring a clean pair of shoes but it really does go a long way toward creating a more comfortable experience for all.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

And, while we’re on the subject of winter wear:


They’re so simple, yet so effective at keeping your hands warm against the cold steel of our Dumbbells, Barbells, and Pull Up Bars.

It’s especially rough in the morning as the heat is running very low at night.

You know this too well.

Thin, leather, non-padded gloves work best. Batting gloves seem to work well. You probably don’t need them the whole workout, just to ease into cold.

Please consider bringing a pair of gloves to class as a simple solution to the cold.


Primal Sprint and 3rd Anniversary Party

I’ll be sending a proper, detailed notice of these upcoming events in the next few days but, for now, I’d just like you to make a note of the following dates:

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Our Primal Sprint – Two Week Paleo Challenge is back!

Saturday, March 7th, 2015

Our LF 3-Year Anniversary Paleo/Primal Potluck Party!


See you all in the gym,

Coach Mike


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