Sunday Sports Series – Liberated… Soccer!

Hey Liberati,

I’m a bit buzzed off the second espresso I’m having as the honorable first customer of this brand new, little Argentinian cafe on 115th and FDB.

If you know me deeply you may know that I care deeply for all things Argentina.

This Amaretto Espresso Bar must be some sort of sign from the heavens. The owner is even planning to join LibFit.

Enough of plugging this guy’s business though, I’m actually writing to invite you all to our next Sunday Sports Series event.

Check it out


Liberated Soccer – Save the Date

Another month, another sport.

Big thanks to Matt M and Jerry for taking the lead on organizing this.

These get-togethers have been great fun and proof-in-application of the general preparedness of our Liberated training.

It’s awesome to see you guys moving so well and consistently at sports you may not be skilled at all in (Wait ’til you see me trying to play soccer. I can only hope my LF training helps to buffer the embarrassment).

Meet us at The Little Gym That Could on October 12th at 3pm for our first ever Liberated Soccer event.

We’ll head over to a local field (In the process of procurement by Matt), divvy up teams, and kick a ball around for an hour or two (That’s how it’s played, right?).

I hope many of you will join us.

It will be a fantastic time I’m sure. Always is.


See you in the gym,

Coach Mike

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