What’s happening, Liberators!

Been a looooooooooong time since one of these newsletters. I realized, though, that this time of year seems to always force a lengthy one out with all of the events that take place for us around March.

Please scroll down for some important program updates and upcoming events!


Class Changes

Liberators busting the seams of the Little Gym That Could a few years back. Team work made that dream work.

I find we’re at a very interesting point in this Liberated journey as we arrive upon our 5TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY.

The Liberated Fitness ideal was originally forged ahead on the desire to bring time-efficient, minimalist, functional training to ordinary folks. Folks who didn’t necessarily even like working out. This idea was formed over a decade ago as I was deeply involved in functional training and CrossFit but felt a need for a simpler, less intimidating, more inclusive method of applying the principles of truly effective full-body physical fitness.

Fast forward over ten years and the Liberated Level 1 30min training sessions are manifest. They have fully arrived. They deliver a base of fitness like none-other I’ve experienced in a fun, focused, and fast window of training. And they’re accessible – they are attracting people of truly varied ability levels.

I couldn’t be happier with the response we now get to our Level 1 program or the results we get from it. Month after month has shown increasing popularity in this program and Test Month after Test Month have shown increasing effectiveness in this program.
That Liberated ideal really is at hand.

As this development has taken place, I’ve observed the clear need for more classes and have gained insight into better methods for our program as a whole.

Enter our new class changes.
As of Monday, March 6th, 2017 the following morning schedule will be in place:
6am Open Level
6:30am Advanced Level
7am Open Level
7:30am Open Level
Tuesday – Friday

6am Open Level
6:30am Advanced Level
7am Open Level

7:30am Open Level

9:30am Open Level
10am Advanced Level
10:30am Open Level


Here are the details and explanations:
  • All other class times will remain the same. PM class times and Saturday class times are not changing.


  • Level 1 and 2 will undergo a name change for all classes on the schedule, including the PM class times and Saturday class times. Level 1 will be known as Open Level. Level 2 as Advanced Level.


  • Advanced Level AM classes will all be 30min. Essentially these are barbell and advanced bodyweight training sessions, not dissimilar from the Level 2 Express classes or the first 30-40min of our regular one hour Level 2 classes. Barbell “metcons” such as “Fran” or “Diane” will take place here as well.


  • Advanced Level AM classes will be sandwiched between Open Level classes to encourage Advanced Liberators to take an Open Level class before or (ideally) after their Advanced Level class. The workouts in the Open Level classes will complement the workouts in the Advanced Level classes, not dissimilar from the way “wods” in regular one hour Level 2 classes complement the strength work done in the first half of class.


  • Two new Open Level AM class times are added at 7am and 9:30am to accommodate increased demand.     


  • Advanced Level class participants will be encouraged to arrive for class 5-10min early to begin warming up and stretching, as has been common practice in our Level 2 Express classes.


These changes are not just to address the need for more entry-level classes. For our Advanced Liberators, these changes are aimed at increasing overall fitness levels. Through more focused barbell/gymnastic sessions in the Advanced Level and more repetition and drilling of basic strength and conditioning in the Open Level, our Advanced Liberators will get fitter. Programming at both levels will be even better focused at delivering their respective objectives.

These changes have been in process for over a year with the popularity and effectiveness of the 30min Level 1 classes pushing for them and with the successful addition of Level 2 Express classes exhibiting the clear benefit of 30min focused strength sessions.

These changes have also been inspired by witnessing some of the fittest among us mixing into both Level 1 and Level 2 classes.

Finally, these changes also work to serve a desire to integrate the community better socially.

Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns!

And thank you for continually putting your faith in this program.


March Madness Test Month

2nd place Coach Mike congratulating Miguel on his well-earned Most Liberated Man title at 6:30am last week.
Can you believe it, it’s time to test again!
And, yes, I did get the results from November posted up prior to March, thank you very much.
What results?
Coach Alex M was healthy and strong and asserted her leading abilities to earn the title of Level 2 Most Liberated Woman.
Miguel A put his quiet competitiveness on display quite loudly, coming in near the top on all events and earning his title of Level 2 Most Liberated Man.
In Level 1, they did it again! Our first-ever married couple winners from July defended their title taking the top spots. Julia and Ben S parlayed their well-rounded abilities into November’s tests earning their titles of Level 1 Most Liberated Woman and Man, respectively.

Complete results can be seen posted up in the gym.

March Test Month will commence on the same day as our upcoming schedule changes, Monday, March 6th, 2017 and it will run through Sunday, March 19th, 2017.

Tests will take place in all classes over this period and we will hold additional test sessions on Sunday, March 12th and Sunday, March 19th from 2:30 – 4:30pm for any catch up testing.

If you are new to our Test Month periods just show up to class as you normally would! The challenges will be familiar and fun.

Looking forward to our results this time around!


5th YEAR Anniversary Party

It’s been FIVE years.

Some of you have been here all five.

We must celebrate, like we do every spring. But even more meaningfully, right?

Please mark your calendars for Saturday, April 1st, 7:30pm to late.

We will be having a fun, primal potluck style night like in years past.

Full details soon!


See you all in the gym,
Coach Mike

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Happy Monday, Liberators.

Hope this new year’s getting off to a good start. Mine’s been a little bumpy, catching 2 colds in 2.5 weeks (could that be some sort of record?) and adjusting my days to the Mandielessness (Coach Mandie is off on a US tour for Something Rotten, if you haven’t heard! Get ya tickets for a city not near you, via the link!).

But I’m optimistic, too!

About many things, including getting the gym slush-free.


Outdoor Shoes / Indoor Shoes

Outdoor Shoes.

Each year I send out a plea to you all to please carry a change of shoes with you to class.

Most of our Liberators from years past understand the importance of this and still comply.

Thank you!

You see, unreal amounts of frozen liquid gets tracks in with the shoes you wear outside and slowly melts while you workout, creating dirty puddles around the gym that nobody wants to lay down in.

Bringing a clean pair of shoes to change into is a simple solution to this issue.

We won’t lock you out if you are unable to bring a second pair of shoes but it really does go a long way toward creating a more comfortable experience for all.

Thank you in advance.


See you in the gym,

Coach Mike


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Happy In-Between Holidays, Liberators.

Seems you’re all having a lot of leisure and fun and sleep – outside the gym!

As we’ve been back here in the gym all this week we’ve had quite a few zero-person and one-person classes in the early AM and late PM.

As this has been the case and the few who have come to said classes have informed us they will be away, we’re going to be canceling tomorrow’s, Friday’s, 6am L1 and 6:30am L2.

We’ll still have the 7:30am L1, 9:30am L2, 10am L1, 6pm L1, and 6:30pm L2.

See you ALL in the gym soon,

Coach Mike


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Happy Thirsty Thursday, Liberators.

I’m chugging fluids today with this cold I’ve got hampering me all week. Continuing with other fluids tomorrow at Bob’s (beer’s good for colds, right?).

Read details below on tomorrow’s Liberated Libations and next week’s Holiday Schedule.


Holiday Libations

Throwback Thursday to Brian snatching Christmas


It’s getting cold out there. How about we cozy up into our second home at Bob’s for some inexpensive drinks and good conversation this Friday? Our semi-regular Liberated Libations is due for a meetup. We’re considering this one the holiday edition.

We’ll be meeting at Bob’s Your Uncle, between 106th and 105th right down the street on Columbus Ave, this Friday from 7pm. Drinks start at $3 and you can bring in food if you’re hungry.

Please come by, the more the merrier!


Upcoming Holiday Hours

The following are the upcoming changes to the class schedule over the next few weeks. Any days/times not noted here will be unchanged with all regularly scheduled classes held.

Saturday, December 24th
No Classes
Sunday, December 25th
No Open Gym
Monday, December 26th

No Classes (It’s Boxing Day!)

Saturday, December 31st

10am All Levels 2017 WOD
No other classes


Happy Holidays!

See you all in the gym,
Coach Mike

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Hey Liberators,

Thanksgiving’s tomorrow! And I’m just getting the schedule out now. Would you expect anything more punctual from Coach Mike?

EXCELLENT work over this past week and a half of November Test Month! I’m absolutely loving the competition this time around. The events are robust and challenging and you are all #showingup and just letting all the past months of training express itself beautifully.

We’re seeing incredible performances in both Levels. Just last night we saw Chris L knock out TWENTY crisp Strict Pull Ups in L1. This morning Stephanie K chilled on the Wall Handstand for TWO and a HALF minutes and we watched Coach Katie smoothly PR her Push Jerk at 130lbs. Miguel also continued to DOMINATE in L2 this morning, cranking out a 3:19 1000K Row (That’s kinda fast).

So many awesome performances taking place, I’d love to write about them all but let me stay focused on delivering the Thanksgiving Schedule to you. Make sure you get in to finish your Tests by Friday, December 2nd!

Enjoy your day(s) off!


Thanksgiving Schedule

Our poor kitty Muji might be spending Thanksgiving in the animal hospital 🙁 . Hopefully they’ll dress him up like this to keep his spirit up.

Thursday, 11.24.16


Friday, 11.25.16

NO EARLY (6am, 6:30am, 7:30am) CLASSES.

All other classes as regularly scheduled beginning with the 9:30am L2 Express and 10am L1.

Saturday, 11.26.16

9:15am L1 and 10am L2 ONLY. No 11:15am L1.


Happy Holiday!

See you all in the gym,
Coach Mike

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